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Rodney Victor

Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)


About Rodney

Rodney’s approach to treatment considers the human body for all of the factors that may be affecting it. He feels that it is helpful and healing to make space for all that comes along into the treatment room with a patient. The treatment essentially works on the physical body, but it also allows space for emotional, mental and spiritual influences. He feels that people should be respected because of the very ways that they express, or do not express, their inner selves.

A session includes time to assess the source of discomfort, then a treatment with the aim of guiding the affected area back towards balance, with time left at the end to discuss a home-care strategy. He feels it’s important to work at a pressure that is appropriate for the tissue being treated. The benefits of a massage treatment are exactly as good as the feeling that a person leaves with.

His treatment interests include chronic pain, back pain, injury management, recurrent injuries, movement dysfunction, pelvic imbalance, headaches, joint pain and nerve issues such as numbness and tingling. He also finds it rewarding to work with First Nations and Trans people. As an RMT he uses a variety of treatment techniques including direct and indirect myofascial release, joint manipulations, a basic level of manual lymph drainage, and of course Swedish massage.

Rodney loves working with people to help them heal through manual therapy and educate and empower people to heal themselves.

Tel: 604. 428. 9355